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the shady gal juliette on a pier in venice italy

The Shady Gal was created as a way for me to connect to the decor community on Instagram. It evolved into a combination of work-related endeavors and personal adventures.

The Face Behind the Blog

I’m Juliette, aka The Shady Gal. I have spent years writing copy and creating content for interior design and window covering companies around the country. I love to write, but sometimes copywriting can become a bit monotonous. One thing I’ve always loved about my job is the photos. Another is the inspo side. Combining them, Instagram felt like the ideal way to blend them–while connecting with others of the same mindset.

Why the Name?

The Shady Gal…hmmm…
There have been many times, after writing an entire website, or neck-deep into my 28th product description, I’ve thought, “I would love to think about anything besides window shades!” The name, The Shady Gal, is a shout out to my profession, an outlet to go beyond shades.

What Will You See Here?

I’m hoping to serve up some inspiration for you! I love keeping up with design trends. I enjoy DIY projects. Painting clears my head, calms my anxiety. Creating any type of decor and styling spaces–those things let me take a break from work, parenting and overthinking life! I also enjoy trying new things, and I hope my attempts and DIYs inspire other people to either want to try new things–or, take a shot at showing what they’re good at! Find me here, and on Instagram @the_shady_gal