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  1. Ava
    June 7, 2023@ 9:40 pm

    Thank you for the inspiration – using bamboo mats was genius! I have one question re this – is the backing on the mats holding the slats together? If you remove the backing would they all be loose?

    Love your makeover!




    • Juliette Dellavia
      June 8, 2023@ 10:19 am

      Great question! When the mats arrived, there was a black backing…almost like a very thin stretchy foam? Or fabric of some sort. I didn’t try to pull it off at first. I did the drawer front with it on. Then, I tested the idea of pulling it off, and sure enough, they are still connected with a very thin netting material, almost like a fishing line or onion bag net, if that makes sense. So, that’s what I did with the door fronts. I would recommend pulling it off because it made sanding the edges so much easier, and the finished look would have been easier to accomplish. I actually got this idea from “a touch of townsend” on instagram–she’s an inspiring furniture refinisher!


    August 12, 2023@ 10:41 am

    wow…you made a stunning vanity!


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