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  1. Bonnie Silva
    September 21, 2023@ 8:23 pm

    What paint finish did you use on your angled board & batten wall?


    • Juliette Dellavia
      September 22, 2023@ 12:14 pm

      I always use an eggshell finish–something wipeable and easy to touch up, but not “shiny.” At paint stores, they will tell you to use a semi-gloss because they consider it trim work, but the sheen is really shiny on the whole wall, and it shows lots of imperfections–even ones that aren’t really imperfections. Because it’s a wall, I also don’t like to do a flat paint, since touch ups are hard, and it may have to be cleaned or touched up over time.


  2. Brett
    December 12, 2023@ 4:04 am

    Hello! How long did it take you to do this as a rough estimate?


    • Juliette Dellavia
      December 12, 2023@ 11:55 am

      It was actually pretty quick once I had all the materials. I built it in a weekend.


  3. Michelle Crowley
    April 11, 2024@ 8:01 pm

    Great Step-by-Step Tutorial! I appreciate all the detail you include!


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