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  1. Kat King
    February 15, 2023@ 1:01 pm

    I love the woven look, ýou put it in a unique spot, wow! Do you think you could use a primer on the fabric first before using the stain? I might try that, you gave me a great idea for one of our guest rooms, tnanks!


    • Juliette Dellavia
      February 15, 2023@ 5:31 pm

      I’m sure you could try it…I haven’t primed fabric, but if you have extra, like I did, you could test it. It was such an inexpensive upgrade to this space!


  2. tree
    February 16, 2023@ 4:44 am

    Perfect solution! I saw this on another post and she used placemats and framed them on a chest of drawers. It looked better than cane, which like you said is expensive and rare nowadays! I saw these placemats at an older friends home today and told her NOT to give them away when she was finished. 🙂


  3. Carolyn Pender
    February 22, 2023@ 3:01 am

    Hello admin, Thanks for the informative post!


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