The Best Flush Mount Lights

Are we ready to get rid of the nipple lights/boob lights from the 90s, or what? Let’s look at the best flush mount lights…

So many homes are using the farmhouse trend in their entryway–with good reason. The rustic charm added to flush mount lights can make them a unique piece, as opposed to having the SAME EXACT lights as every other home.

This one, in Farmhouse Roundis a great option.

This collection also has a coordinating light that drops just slightly from the ceiling if you’re looking to add more than one with varying ceiling heights.

Another option for swapping out your lighting are these “semi” flush mount lights, that drop down just slightly from the ceiling. You’ll want to measure for height and comfort level.

The “Three Pendant” look of semi-flush mount

This square fixture is another option for that farmhouse style. This only has two bulbs, compared to three in the round–which can be an important feature to consider.

And, one more farmhouse style light with only one bulb.

Another choice, this is a cross-over with industrial design elements in the rusted finish.

This style, with one bulb, might be just the right addition to a hallway–not too bright. If you’re wondering how much light you need, take down the covering on the light you have right now. How many bulbs? Is the covering frosted? Would you like to go brighter or softer?

Going more modern? This flush mount light in matte black will go well with a variety of styles.

This is one of those flush mount lights for when you want something just a little different than what everyone else is choosing.

Do you love the vintage lighting that’s so hot on the scene right now? These lights add just the right flair–unique and stylish.

If you’d like to stick to the frosted glass experience, these flush mount lights are a modern play on the traditional look.

Or, this round and simple light for a soft atmosphere.

Or, the contemporary appeal of this two-toned light.

This gorgeous gold ceiling light will soften the look of your home with a lot of style.

And, if the 90s style is functional, but you want to modernize the look, you’ve got options. This lighting incorporates what you love without the “boob” look.

Love the look of those “candle” lights? Here are some flush mount lights that will coordinate with that style of bulb.

Round Semi-Flush

Round Cylinder

Square Semi-Flush