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  1. Claire
    March 25, 2023@ 9:23 am

    Do you have any update on the Dracaena?? I’m dying to know if it worked out! I’ve had mine for about six years, and when I was moving it experienced some heat-stroke. So after removing the dead leaves it has a bare middle section, but getting new growth on the bottom. I don’t know if it’s better to remove the top, or leave it along and hope for new growth in the middle. Long story short, to prune or not to prune, that is the question. 🙂


    • Juliette Dellavia
      April 2, 2023@ 7:36 pm

      Yes! It is doing great–the bottom part anyway that got the top cut off. It sprouted a new leaf system off of both sides of the spot where it was cut, and it’s doing great. I wasn’t able to propagate the top, but I didn’t try very hard. I had two others that I planted with the one that got chopped, and they’re all three happy together in the same pot!


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